Videos – concerns and discussions

Referendum Press Release

Mark and Andy officially announce the details of our referendum vote, giving residents a say if they support Sio mining in the same aquifers we drink from, before hearing more information.

Mark and Andy – Referendum / GoFundMe Launch

Councillors Mark and Andy introduce the referendum – the opportunity for the community to have a voice, and the launch of the GoFundMe campaign

By calling 204 515 1252 (Starting Aug 13/23), residents will be able to phone in their vote (YES or NO) for the project. We cannot afford a full voting day type election referendum but we feel this is the next most accurate way to allow the PEOPLE have a say in this very critical issue. GoFundMe link coming soon.

Mark & Andy discuss referendum

Mark and Andy talk about:
• working with the other communities
• why wasn’t Springfield joining with the other 8 communities
• the stress of worrying about the state of the water
• a referendum to give the community a chance to express their view
• delivering the results to the province

Recorded July 13 2023

Next Steps

Post Development Agreement discussion

Springfield Councillors Andy Kuczynski and Mark Miller discuss next steps following last minute defeat of the Sio Silica Development Agreement on June 19, 2023.

Springfield Sio Silica Development Agreement Issues

Mark and Andy give a more detailed discussion on the problems with the Development Agreement that should be addressed. They also mention that they will discuss more information they have received about concerns of the Sio Silica sand mining project at the Press Conference. (10 min video)