What we are doing

Mark and Andy represent a minority vote on council and feel that they have done as much as they could to convince the other members of council that the protection of our water resources and ecosystems should be of primary concern and part of all the decisions and approvals regarding the Sio Silica Mining Project.

Mark and Andy NEED YOUR HELP

They now feel another approach is required: and have created an Action Plan which will allow the PUBLIC to give voice and strength to this cause. Are we prepared to allow our fresh drinking water supply to be compromised by an Alberta based for profit mining company that proposes to drill 7,000+ drill holes into southeastern Manitoba’s carbonate aquifer and extract silica sand that can be used in a variety of applications including fracking sand which is used in the oil and gas sectors, for the manufacture of solar wafer panels and other applications?


Their Action Plan includes conducting a public REFERENDUM and legal representation for the Municipal Board hearing on the Sio Silica Development Agreement with Springfield. Along
with a number of concerned Springfield citizens they have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to run a serious and legitimate referendum and hire the necessary professionals to take the issue outside of the sole control of the municipal council and include the public in the future decision making and defense of our drinking water.