Needed Plan


Water is of foremost importance and we must act to ensure that the quantity and the quality of our water sources are protected.

Springfield Council’s Limited Action to Save Our Water:

Mayor Fell stated that water is a provincial matter governed by the Provincial Dept. of Conservation and Climate, i.e. the Water Protection Act, the Water Rights Act. Mayor Fell further stated that the municipality has no control over water rights (except for the treated water supplied by the municipality). For the less than 800 homes on the municipal water system, council’s only action during the recent drought period has been to pass a by-law that would allow council to restrict water (lawn) sprinkling or face a stiff fine, during periods of drought or low water supply – YET they approved Berger Peat Moss processing to consume the equivalent of 2,300 RESIDENTS! 

Municipal Serviced Water
Springfield introduced legislation to force residents in Oakbank, Dugald, and Anola to curtail use of their water during times of drought. Large fines are anticipated for violators.

Private Residential Wells
There is no protection in place to ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply and quality is maintained for water at all times in all conditions.

Commercial and New Industrial Businesses
These enterprises will be using significant amounts of our water without restriction “FREE”, via wells tapped into our aquifer. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are being diverted for the processing of products for profit.

In council’s rush to promote new business, they have THROWN ALL CAUTION TO THE WIND!

They have no plans to protect our resident’s water – our MOST precious resource.

Council's promotion of new big business has left Springfield residents and their water at risk. 

Berger Peat Moss Processing Plant and the proposed CanWhite Sands Silica Sand Extraction Plant are two prime examples of promoting business without concern for water usage and local impacts to local residents.   

Clipper July 2021 Springfield’s council advised: If you have opinions about the proposed CanWhite Sands silica sand extraction plant to be located near Vivian, make sure you direct them to the people who actually approve it.  Mining minerals in Manitoba is a provincial jurisdiction (not municipal)” says Fell. 

 Steinbach On-Line September 7th, 2021. LARGE INDUSTRIAL USERS: IMPACT TO OUR WATER
Article identified seven municipalities south of Springfield (Tache, Steinbach, Reynolds, Brokenhead, Ste. Anne, Labroquerie, and Hanover) that have expressed concerns with the project and taken steps to obtain an independent third-party study and report to get satisfactory answers to their questions and to make sure what CanWhite Sands is saying is accurate. To date the only wells drilled and the CanWhite Sands development are within Springfield. It is important to note that other municipalities are aware of the importance of water to their residents, and Springfield is not a party to this study.