How voting works

Phone the call Centre 204- 515-1252

Call and Listen to the recording.

If you are against mining in a fresh water aquifer press 1

If you are in favour of mining in the same aquifer we receive our fresh water supply press 2

One call per phone number only please . Addition calls from the same phone number will be removed from the tally.

Note, blocked caller ID phone calls will not be counted. Please unblock your caller ID temporarily if you have it blocked.

Using encrypted software, Calls ( voting ) is recorded . The raw data is downloaded to four scrutineers for their daily review. Any questionable voting identified by the scrutineers will be sent to two senior coordinators that will make a final determination to allow or disallow the vote.

Voting results will be released on the web site at 8:00 pm September 18th. with the appropriate news release.

This form of voting is not 100% accurate. As and example some residents particularly seniors may have 1 phone between two voters in the house hold and will only have 1 vote. The higher the voter turnout however the more accurate the REFERENDUM.

Our commitment is to do our best to provide an accurate record of the vote.