Berger Peat Moss Processing Plant (BPMP)
22054 Oakwood Road 

  • The BPMP applied to Conservation and Water Stewardship for a water license for 200 USGPM (US gallons per minute) in October of 2019.
  • Thanks to the Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp. the water-use licence was appealed and the Berger licence was reduced to 80 gallons per minute or 115,000 gallons per day. 
  • Berger’s new daily commercial use of our H20 reserves is still more than all of Oakbank’s residents daily consumption with serviced connections. The new Berger commercial water license will be equal to 2,300 Springfield residents daily water requirements!
  • The average Springfield residence draws 50 gallons from the aquifer per day.
  • If council is going to impose stiff fines and restrict residents water, why are they proposing large companies to siphon more water than all the residents in Oakbank, Dugald, and Anola COMBINED?

The municipality did not do any due diligence regards to the volume of water that this new business would require for its operations or even question the discrepancy in the amounts of water that BPMP applied for.


Council's promotion of new big business has left Springfield residents and their water at risk.